Create an Alexa Skill or Google Action in minutes

No coding required. Allow users to interact with your application using their voice. Create a voice app for your API in minutes.

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Create an Alexa Skill and Google Action for your application in minutes. Give your users another reason to love your product

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Custom Alexa Skills and Google Actions

Add a voice interface for your API or create a skill from scratch without having to code.

Flash Briefing Skills

Create a flash briefing skill for your blog in minutes. Learn More

Podcast Skills

Already have your podcast on iTunes ? Create an Alexa podcast skill in seconds using your RSS feed URL! Learn More

500+ skills have already been deployed using our platform

Here are some skills built using ApiToBot


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  • Unlimited Google Actions
  • 500 interactions per month
  • Best for personal use
  • Email support
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  • Everything in Free
  • 10,000 Interactions per month
  • Alexa flash briefing skills
  • Alexa podcast skills
  • Priority email and chat support
  • Best for small companies or startups
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$25 Per Month
  • Everything in Basic
  • Unlimited interactions per month
  • 24/7 priority email and chat support
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An interaction is a two way communication between Alexa or Google Assistant and a user. One user session can have multiple interactions.

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List of different skills you can build in minutes

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